Like our Vanilla Ice cream, which is anything but Vanilla, our Vanilla Explosion Milkshake will blow your mind.

With a brief to create a “quintessential all American shake gone mad” we started with our sweet, nutty Kapiti Vanilla ice cream as the perfect base. Then we added roasted pistachios before layering crisp, salty strips of bacon on a bed of fluffy, earthy pumpkin marshmallows.

To finish it (and probably you off) we teamed up with the guys at Gusto who specialise in mouthwatering Apple syrups, drizzling their sweet-as concoction over the top. If you think that sounds unreal, you should taste it.

It’s like taking a flavour trip round the U. S of Awesome!


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They say, don’t mess with perfection, but they never said, don’t give it a serious kick up the bum, which is exactly what we did with this Black Doris Blow Out. To hero the two main flavours, we added a squirt of sharp crème fraiche and a sprinkling of sweet, dried plum from the awesome-as guys from Fresh As.

All their bright & fragrant dried fruit & herbs are eye-openingly and mouthwateringly unbelievable, so couldn’t help but sneak some crispy, citrusy segments of mandarin into the mix!

And as for the crumpet, nothing can trump it! Use it to mop up the remains of the milkshake. Right to the very last drop!

Feel like a blow out? You’ve come to the right shake!


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How do we know every chocolate addict is in need of their next fix? Well we are too!

That’s why we made this milkshake with a decent kick.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Ice Cream; Triple Chocolate. The Choc-de-la-Choc-de-la-Choc of Chocolate.

Then to add a new flavor to savour, we got the Hakanoa Handmade heroes on board with their Chai Syrup for the perfect balance of spicy warmth and depth.

But that’s not all. Here’s the kicker: chilli for taste & popcorn for texture. Well we reckon you can’t go wrong with the result. It’s more than a party in your mouth. It’s a Riot. And things are gonna go crazy!


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