Kapiti Akatea Traditional Brie paired with Fermented Radishes

Embrace the soft, silken texture and rich creamy taste of the Akatea Brie against the zingy notes of vibrant red fermented radishes. The complex flavour inherent in naturally fermented foods offers a bountiful contrast both in appearance and palate for this particular pairing. Stack the brie high atop nut and seed crackers before delicately layering with a thin slice of fermented radish and a sprig of thyme, and allow the golden cheese to shine in all of its creamy glory. 


Fermented radishes: To create your own fermented radishes, simply submerge two bunches of washed, trimmed and quartered radishes in brine (mix 1 Tbsp of sea salt with 2 cups of filtered water) using an airtight fermenting jar for seven days before slicing thinly and serving. 

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