We’re proud to welcome the latest ambassador to our expert cheese panel, Underground Cheese Connoisseur – Jess Daniell. Jess brings with her a vast wealth of food knowledge gleaned from her life as a former journalist for the Herald’s Bite magazine and now as the owner of Jess’ Underground Kitchen.

Jess is a lover of fine cuisine and a self-confessed fan of Kapiti Cheese, which is why she’s so pleased to be able to share her passion, ideas and knowledge with you.

“Funnily enough the idea for my Underground Kitchen was born out of a dinner one night with friends around the dining table. Jokingly, one suggested she’d happily pay me to cook her meals any day of the week. I was flattered and amused but didn’t really give it another thought, however she persisted. So seven days later the beginnings of JUK came to fruition and it all just snowballed from there.

As a foodie I love to use exciting, flavoursome ingredients in my recipes. I believe that cooking is an art-form and, being an avid traveller, it’s a way to express culture through cuisine. When it comes to creating my dishes I’m not a fan of exactness and measurements. I just make them the way that feels right to me and so far that seems to be going down rather well with my customers. I’m looking forward to engaging with you all and sharing what I’ve learned on my food journey so far.

Happy cooking!